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Fire Insurance:

Includes private & commercial properties such as flats, houses, offices, warehouses and department stores. Fire policy coverage can be extended to include:

  • lightning and or explosions.
  • fire and special perils.
  • property all risks insurance.



General Accidents Insurance:

    1. Money Insurance:
      • Cash in safe.
      • Cash in transit.
      • Fidelity guarantee.
    2. Liability Insurance (Third Party) It includes:
      • Material damage.
      • Bodily injury.
    3. Plate Glass Insurance:
      • it covers all types of glass.
    4. Bankers Blanket Bond:

      It is tailored to cover all risks that might occur to a bank or any financial institute, such as

      • Cash while on premises.
      • Cash in transit.
      • Fraud.
      • Computer crimes.
      • Directors and officers liability.


Personal Insurance

Personal Accidents:

It cover death, bodily injuries, and medical expenses incurred as a result of accident.

Workmen Compensation:

Cover workers not included in the social security scheme

Travel Insurance:

In compliance with EU country members and accepted by their embassies.Travel Insurance


Engineering Insurance

It includes:

  • Contractors all risks.
  • Machinery break down.
  • Deterioration of stock.
  • Electronic equipments insurance.
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Contractors plant machineries.